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Middle Laser Checks, High Security Hologram


Middle laser checks are preprinted with your company and bank information using black ink. Color imprint is available for an additional fee. Compatible with most accounting softwares. 

Size: 8 ½ x 11

Colors: burgundy, blue, brown, green, gray, teal

Customizations: Include your company’s logo, printed with black ink. Print your logo in full color for an additional fee.

Security Features: hologram, thermochromic icon, microprint endorsement lines, diagonal dimensional backer, padlock icon, chemical reactive box


1 Part

250      $163.00

500      $215.00

1,000   $325.00

2,000   $577.00

To guarantee the security of your banking imprint information, your account and routing numbers will be collected over the phone when we follow up to confirm your purchase amount and order details.

Place an Order

The heading is printed to the right of your logo. Add up to five lines of text.
Standard: Ascending printer pulls from top, face up in tray, lowest number on top
Reverse: Ascending printer pulls from top, face down in tray, lowest number on top
If including a lien waiver, please provide details of the waiver in the Special Instructions field below.

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